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Specialists in printed leaflets, printed flyers, 4pp four page leaflets, mailing cards and more...

We know exactly what you want from a printed leaflet or printed flyer supplier. You want a very fast service at a keen price. You want to be dealing with a long established, friendly company who will treat you well.

We specialise in printed leaflets and printed flyers so we know what we are talking about

Our directors have been involved in the print trade for many, many years and know the trade inside out. We take care to select the best machines, paper stocks and to employ people who are highly skilled in their trade.

A very fast leaflet printing service

All our work is printed on modern, high-speed presses that run long hours. This means that we can 'jump to it' when you place an order and get the job done quickly. Mainland delivery is free so the prices that you see are the prices that you pay.

Keen prices on printed leaflets and flyers

Our prices are keen. Very keen. Just compare them to any of the other online suppliers or to your local printer. Our prices knock spots off most local printers.

Long established printing company since 1978

Our parent company has been trading under the same name since 1978. We are very well known in the printing trade and have an eviable reputation for integrity. Most of our staff have been with us for a very long time - over 25 years in some cases. This makes a tightly knit team who perform like a well-oiled machine. (Of course, our machines are well oiled as well).

Helpful advice about all aspects of leaflet printing, flyer printing or mailing

Creating artwork for a leaflet or flyer can have it's pitfalls and we know them all. Have a look at our advice pages, which cover most things that you need to know. If you are stuck or need any help or advice on any leaflet or mailing problem, just ring us on 01902-402693 office hours and we will be pleased to help you.

Folded 4 page Leaflets

Folded Leaflets These are sometimes called Pamphlets or '4pp' leaflets. Basically, they are just a sheet of paper, printed both sides and folded once or twice, like a little four page booklet, By their very nature, a folded leaflet will usually have four sides or 'pages' although they can have more. Folded leaflets are available in two styles. Portrait format leaflets fold on the long edge and landscape format leaflets fold on the short edge.

Unfolded Leaflets - Flyers

Unfolded leaflets or 'Flyers' as they are sometimes called, are the basics of business promotion. Millions of leaflets are distributed every day throughout the UK and beyond. Where would we be without pizza leaflets, fast food leaflets and all the other leaflets that come through our door. Leaflets and letterbox marketing are the very lifeblood of business promotion. For most of us, newspaper advertising is too expensive and too risky as it is 'broadcast' to areas that we do not cover. Likewise, radio and television advertising requires considerable investment in the hope of making a profit. Printed leaflets are a simple and inexpensive way of creating business without the risks involved in other ways of marketing. See Single sided leaflet printing | Double sided leaflet printing

Mailing cards

Mailing cards are a form of A5 flyer that are for delivery through the postal system, direct to your customer or prospect. Printed on card stiff enough to go through the post, they have a special printed posted impression (ppi) on one side, with space for a name and address to be printed on by the mailing house. You can use our own Printed Postage Impression and return address if you wish or you are welcome to use our own PPI postage account and our own 'PO Box' reply address so that we can remove the 'gone-aways' for you. This is vital so that you keep your database up to date. Using our account also gets you the very best postage discounts - far more that if the cards were franked. These mailing cards are fantastic value for money as by carefully sorting the data and pre-sorting the addresses for Royal Mail ™ CPM are able to print, address and post mailing cards for LESS than it would cost you to buy the stamps or to frank the cards yourself. Amazing but true.

Leaflet Distribution and Mailing

There is no point in ordering beautiful leaflets, then leaving them in a cupboard. You have to have your message out there. It is purely a numbers game as the more people who see your leaflet then the more people will contact you. There are three main methods of distribution. The first one is by hand, direct to the public in shopping centres, garden centres and car parks. This can be very inexpensive, especially if you do it yourself. The second method is called Letterbox Marketing, where the leaflets go through doors. Royal Mail offer this. The third and most expensive method is direct mail, which, other than mailing cards, can get very expensive. It is only useful if you have the name and address of your 'prospect' and only then if you are marketing a high value product or service.