Advice on creating the original 'artwork' for your printed leaflet or printed flyer

Any original file used for creating a leaflet, a flyer or indeed any printed item is called 'the artwork' even if it just consists of words and is not at all artistic. These days, all 'artwork' for printing consists of a computer file, rather than the hard copy artwork of yesteryear. Creating the original for printing is quite easy, but there are a few vital things that you must know. Please read on...

Creating the artwork for your leaflet, flyer, brochure or pamphlet

You don't have to use a professional designer if your requirements are fairly simple. The following advice pages may help you.

Template for printed leafletLeaflet templates

We offer some basic leaflet template guides and advice for creating A4 or A5 leaflets. These contains a few hints and tips on creating your leaflet as well as advice on using Microsoft Word™ to create your leaflet. Obviously, you can use other programs to create the original artwork for your leaflet. Many people use Adobe Illustrator™, Adobe InDesign™, Quark Xpress™ or even Adobe Photoshop™. However, whichever page layout program you use, the basic rules are the same. Just make sure that you allow for bleed, use high resolution images and logos and check everything very carefully before submitting your artwork to us. When you order, our studio will check over your final PDF and advise you of any problems. We also always send you a PDF proof, together with advice on how to correct any problems that we may spot.

Advice on bleed, image resolution, RGB versus CMYK etc

Understanding the basics of creating your own leaflet isn't hard. Just read our simple advice page on understanding bleed, image resolution and the difference between RGB and CMYK. No need for hours of study. It's easy! You can even use a word processor program like Microsoft Word ™ to create your leaflet artwork and get very acceptable results.

Creating your finished leaflet or brochure artwork using Microsoft Word™

Although Microsoft Word™ is not used by professional designers (most now use Adobe InDesign - see above) it is perfectly possible to create an attractive leaflet or brochure in Microsoft Word™ if you accept one or two limitations. Please see our helpful guide to Creating Finished Artwork in Microsoft Word™

Creating a leaflet or flyer using from Adobe InDesign™

The latest version of Adobe InDesign is quite expensive as it is only available via a monthly subscription. However, there are many older versions of Adobe InDesign still available at low prices on auction sites such as Ebay and they are perfectly adequate for laying out a leaflet. Indeed, an earlier version of Adobe InDesign (CS2) seems to be available without charge on some websites. Adobe InDesign is easy to learn and providing that you follow our hints and tips advice page you should be ok. The important things are to remember to add bleed and to make sure that your images have sufficient resolution. See our guide on creating a leaflet or flyer layout in Adobe InDesign™

See also - creating a finished PDF from Adobe InDesign

Or you can employ us to create your finished artwork

We have vast experience of creating professional finished artwork. If you know what you want, but don't have time to do it properly, just create a rough idea of what you want and leave the rest to us. Our studio will take your ideas, your images and your wording and create a professional layout. Please let us have your enquiry here and we will give you a firm price before we start.

Leaflet, Flyer or Brochure design by experts

One step further away from artwork creation is design. This is where you employ a professional designer to make your rough ideas come to life. If you need a cutting edge design, just get in touch and we can offer that too.

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