Printed Pamphlet Distribution - What are the options?

There is no point in having pamphlets or flyers printed unless you are going to get them in front of people

Here we look at the various options of getting your pamphlets distributed to your potential clients or customers

What is a pamphlet?

A pamphlet is just another name for a folded leaflet See pamphlet printing prices

Although a pamphlet may sometimes have more that 4 pages, it is usually just one sheet of paper, printed on both sides and folded once. If it has more than four pages, it is usually called a booklet, which may have almost any number of pages although these must always be in multiples of 4.

The cheapest way to distribute your printed pamphlets

Delivering or distributing pamphlets by hand

The cheapest way is to deliver or distribute the pamphlets yourself, through letterboxes. This is still perfectly legal although it is good manners to make sure that no pamphlets are left sticking out of letterboxes and that all gates are closed behind you. If you and perhaps the family join forces you can distribute a small to medium quantity of pamphlets yourself, quite quickly. The advantage of this method is that you can target a particular area very tightly. This is ideal if you are offering an area specific service, such as home cleaning, ironing, gardening, handyman services or similar. You can also target commuters as they leave or enter a specific railway station, once again ensuring that a particular area is covered.

Less specific in area is to target car parks. many of the supermarkets have banned pamphlet distributers from their own car parks, but there are still plenty of public car parks where you are able to put a pamphlet under each windscreen wiper. This is ideal if the service you are offering is car-related, such as car cleaning, valets, body reapirs or servicing.

Beware of getting youngsters or people that you do not know to distribute your printed pamphlets for you. They may make all sorts of promises but sadly, human nature being what it is, many of your expensive printed pamphlets may end up in someone's dustbin or even behind a hedge.

There are private local companies that distribute printed pamphlets door to door (This is often called Letterbox Marketing) and there may be a reliable one in your area. The best ones use reliable adult staff, sometimes ex-postmen or postwomen, and they also use GPS tracking technology so that they can guarantee where the pamphlets or flyers have been delivered.

Using the Royal Mail door-to-door Distribution Service for your pamphlets distribution

Ideal for larger quantities of Pamphlets or flyers

Many large companies such as Farm Foods, The Co-Operative, Dominos Pizzas, Indian and Chinese Take Aways and many more use the Royal Mail Leaflet Distribution Service. Their staff are highly trained, highly reliable and guarantee to deliver to each house in the agreed area. It does not matter of the letterbox is up steep stairs, up a long drive or path or difficult to access, Royal Mail staff guarantee to place your pamphlet or flyer in each and every letterbox in the selected area.

If you are new to Royal Mail Door to Door, or havenít used it for the past 18 months, you could qualify for a great introductory discount. Itíll make your first six months with them even more rewarding. Royal Mail will help you target the type of customers youíre looking for, or choose your area by postcode or distance from your business. They will collect the pamphlets or flyers from us or you can deliver them yourself to your local Royal Mail Centre if you wish. Royal Mail then send your marketing materials out as part of their trusted postal delivery service.

For more information on letterbox marketing and door to door pamphlet delivery, telephone Royal Mail on 0845 266 1024 or follow this link

Using Direct Mail to distribute your pamphlets

Can be a highly successful way, but is not for everyone due to the cost

If you have specific contact details, such as name, salutation, full address and post code, then you can also consider direct mail distribution of your pamphlets. The be most effective, your pamphlet should be accompanied by an addressed letter, personalised with the name of your contact. Information that arrives in an envelope which is addressed to a specific person is highly likely to be opened and read, whereas a pamphlet that comes through the door unaddressed may go straight in the recycling. Many businesses such as holiday companies, insurance brokers, Saga and many more use direct mail very successfully. The cost per enquiry and cost per sale must be researched very carefully before you embark on an expensive mailing campaign. If you need any advice on any aspect of direct mail, then please contact the MD of Centreprint Print & Mail for free advice.

Postage is expensive, but if you use a professional mailing company such as Centreprint Print & Mail (our sister company) they will be able to save you a huge amount of the postage costs by pre-sorting the addressed envelope, ready for Royal Mail to deliver them through the postal system. Centreprint Print & Mail offer free advice, so if you contact them they will be very happy to advise on whether direct mail is an option for you.